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Spud Logic was founded and incorporated in 2003. Based in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Spud Logic provides customer centric printed circuit board design, manufacture and system integration. Spud Logic prides itself on identifying the customer's needs and providing the services necessary to meet those needs. Spud Logic relies on word of mouth from satisfied customers believing that "Good Business breeds Good Business", and the work continues to flood in........

Spud Logic is located in South San Jose, California near the southern junction of 101 and 85 freeways. This convenient location provides easy access to the whole of Silicon Valley for both customers and third party suppliers. Eliminating the need for constant shipping can shave many days from the whole design process, which can be essential to time critical projects. Contracts outside of the San Francisco / San Jose bay area also benefit from the availability of local PCB (printed circuit board) manufacture and assembly.

Spud Logic evolved as a result of a need in the marketplace for extremely quick turn assembled printed circuit boards. From the first "quick job" intended as a one off, the industry's need for quick and reliable PCB design has kept Spud Logic very busy for the many intervening years.

Spud Logic employs full-time staff with an impressive level of both academic accreditations and industry experience. Academic accreditations include Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Degrees in Computer Science, Computer Architecture and Electrical Engineering. Industry experience includes low-level chip design, video systems (compression theory, architecture and implementation), motor controllers, USB, Ethernet and much more.

Since 2003 Spud Logic has provided services to companies ranging from the amusement industry through to the military. Spud Logic is proud to provide quality and customer orientated services for design consulting, schematic capture, PCB layout, BOM (bill of materials) management, parts purchasing, PCB assembly (through third party partners), bring-up, and full integration.

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